Do Flat Feet Cause Back Pain?

Do Flat Feet Cause Back Pain?

It is possible from medical research that flat feet can cause back pain in the human body. Are you standing on your feet most of the time and facing back pain after chiropractic treatment? It might prompt that your feets are causing your back pain. Flat feet are common in humans. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 27 percent of the world population have flat feet. 

How do flat feet cause back pain?

Our feet make the decorum for the entire skeleton and support us during standing, running and walking. If your foot arches are flat then it makes lower back pain due to the cause of tilt in spine and pelvis. It can also send pain signals to your nerves which can put extra stress on your back. 

Staying in good alignment and correcting flat feet will help you to make your pelvis and spine stable.

How does flat feet cause lower back pain which weakens your muscles?

Flat feet weaken the postural muscles in the human body which causes lower back pain. In this case, a person’s head and upper body begins to start leaning. With the contribution of our muscles in the body, you can hold yourself upright, we can establish our movements and stabilize our joints. Correct posture is the way to get rid of lower back pain. 


Feet cover one quarter of the total bones in the human body, and this indicates human feet are complex. The link between the bones consist of ligaments, muscles, and tendons that combine everything together in feet. Ligaments,muscles and tendons in feet provide human mobility and support.  

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Further manifestation about flat feet 

A newly born baby comes with flat feet because his arches are not fully developed.The formation of arches in feet begins to start when a child stands and becomes mobile on his feet. According to the research of American Academy of Pain Management (AAPM), an institution, showed that people with flat feet the ankles roll inward slightly when we move. This ultimately affects the alignment of your knees and hips. This out of balance in joints can cause chronic back pain. 

How do custom foot orthotics are helpful in order to reduce back pain?

Custom foot orthotics not only help to realign our arches in the body, but also contribute to stabilizing our joints. It will help to create a great posture, fit joints and stop sending bad signals to nerves of the brain which causes stress on spines. 

Wearing of custom foot orthotics helps in realign adjustment of spinal bones.

According to the research of American Academy of Pain Management (AAPM), an institution,

  • Custom orthotics. Custom-designed arch supports are molded to the contours of your feet, comfortably offering support. We use innovative Plantinga AI orthotics. Plantinga uses artificial intelligence to scan and evaluate the precise shape of your feet. This data is used to create a highly customized orthotic that supports your foot and corrects your gait. 
  • Stretching exercises. Some patients with fallen arches also have a shortened Achilles tendon. Special exercises that stretch this tendon can offer relief.
  • Physical therapy. Along with targeted exercises for both your feet and legs, physical therapy may entail ice therapy to reduce inflammation, correction of your walking patterns, and in some cases, ankle braces.
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