What is kidney pain?


Kidney is the most vital and sensitive organ of human body it helps us to filters our blood and remove all the toxins present in blood that’s how our blood gets cleaned through all the toxins present in it. as you know kidney helps us perform every function properly and all of our water intake filter through kidney and then forms urine so kidney is the most sensitive organ as well there are many layers of skin epithelial present if they got damaged and a little bit infected it caused very serious infections and impacts your physical health well.

What is kidney pain?

Kidneys are very vital organ and placed either sides of your back born and attached to them which is between your ribs and hips. The vital role of your kidneys is only remove toxins and harmful chemicals by filtering your waste material through blood and makes urine.

The pain in kidney due to an infection or bacterium he’s known as kidney pain and renal pain as well and the kidney pain is very severe and causes a lot of discomfort and irritability in patients with kidney pain. Really kidney pain last one to two hours if it is caused by normal infections and can be very painful but the most wear kidney pain occurs between 6 to 8 hours and some patients claim that these pains are unbearable and difficult to make patients during kidney pains which are very severe

What are the symptoms of kidney pain?

There are you really various symptoms of kidney pain cause did knee pain is normally not common but triggered by some bacterium or viral infection also when you hit by your spine so it can also spread to many other regions of your body as well for now the symptoms of kidney pain which are really common in most of the patients who claim that they have severe kidney pain are following:

  • Long term fever
  • So lower back pain including ab dominant region
  • Blood and pass while urination
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Small amount of stones present in urine
  • Pain while urinating and extreme bladder pains
  • Than in lower abdomen and also some symptoms of kidney pain include feeling irritated and indigestion as well.
  • Changes color of urine.

The above are the most common symptoms you can feel if you are going through kidney pain there are also many areas of your body which are affected by kidney pain like lower back abdomen and pelvic area of your body.

What are the causes of kidney pain?

There are many causes of kidney pain affects your kidney in a very dangerous manner basically the most common cause of kidney pin seen in most patients is that kidney stones because  you’re kidneys will take your urine through your bladder an in your bladder there are smaller tubes present which are known as ureter add did you further goes to your private organ known as urethra and then pass out the urine from your body all these areas are present in the process of urination which is made through your kidneys and if any of this region is caught infected that because kidney infection commonly and rapidly as well. The most common causes of kidney infection are following:

  • Kidney stones
  • Renal infection
  • External damage to kidney
  • Renal failure

The above are the most common causes in kidney stones there are small stones developed in your kidneys which cause difficult for your kidney to process and clear you Blood and remove all the toxins also which cause a dangerous pain it is unbearable. Renal infection occurs when you’re both kidneys are affected by a bacteria or virus which causes the cells growth abnormally tell me a tumor as well so that can also cause a sovereign pain in kidney there may be accidental harm or damage to your kidney like if you are fighting with someone and someone had punched or kick in your kidney region the external force applied on kidney areas sometimes deeply harm the organ.

How kidney pain is diagnosed properly?

There are many procedures through which a doctor can diagnose kidney pain but the most important steps are doctor or medical healthcare professional first starts your symptoms and then follow the procedural steps to diagnose kidney pain and their reasons as well as you know the diagnosis of this major pain present in your kidney begins with a blood test That you’re doctor performed And nor the proper amount of every nutrient present in your blood  to check if you are not infected to check  with any kind of bacteria that is causing kidney pain in the next step your doctor may take your urine test to check the amount of creatinine and urea which is filtered by kidney through your blood to check the normal functioning of kidney and the last but not least doctor may perform MRI and detailed accident of your kidneys region to check everything is alright or not after all these steps doctor confirmed that you are really diagnosed with kidney pain or you have this kidney pain with another issue

What are the treatments used for kidney pain and some home remedies also?

There are many treatments are available to treat kidney pain in many patients the most common treatments that are used to treat kidney pain are following:


There are many medications There are many medicines are available in market with their prescribed by your doctor that belongs to the category of painkiller answer datives which are used for severe kidney pain and not recommended for long term use just to relieve the pain.

Laser therapy for kidney stones to relieve pain:

There are many latest treatments use lasers 2 cut the stones which are present in your kidneys and then makes them in powdered form which is really get out through your urine that causes severe kidney pain


Surgeries there are many tumors that are developed with your kidneys which are the immature growth off cell so by Surgery removal of the tumor and you may get relief from your kidney pain that is caused by these cancerous masses.

 Other solutions:

Sometimes kidney pain is called in your body occurs due to smaller reasons like stomach gas so try to take your diet healthy and don’t eat junk food also drink proper amount of water sometimes drinking water below the limits causes kidney pain a lot.



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