Wisdom Teeth Jaw Pain


Wisdom teeth are the molars present at the upper and lower back sides of your mouth. There is also probability that you have wisdom teeth’s top and bottom side of mouth. These teeth are grown in your mouth when your age is more than 20 and starting age is 18 That’s why these teeth are called wisdom teeth. Maximum number of wisdom teeth are 4 to 5.

Jaw pain due to wisdom teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are have most deep roots in upper side and lower side of jaw when there is an infection in any of the wisdom teeth it may cause severe amount of pain in jaw also which could be non-bearable for the patient also according to the report by the dental surgeons in USA the most common cause of jaw pain is surgical removal of wisdom teeth because after the surgery doctors inject some medicines that makes the root moles dead but in some cases roots are not fully dead so the jaw pain starts and chronic sometimes.

Who are eligible for wisdom teeth extraction?

There are many factors are present on the basis of which doctors recommend you for the extraction of wisdom teeth some are following:

  • Swelling and pain in gums
  • Causing damage to other teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Increasing infection and plaque

There are also many serious signs of infections due to wisdom teeth which are given below:

  • red, inflamed gum near the wisdom tooth
  • facial swelling
  • pain and sensitivity
  • pus coming from the gum
  • difficulty opening the mouth and swallowing
  • fever
  • bad breath.

Jaw pain due to wisdom teeth eruption

This is another major reason due to which jaw pain occurs because the position of your wisdom teeth should be perfect and accurate at the time of growth like if it is not then definitely chronic and acute pain will appear in your jaw.

  • Partial eruption
  • Impaction
  • Misalignment

What are the common steps a person takes to get rid of jaw pain due to wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, commonly referred to as third molars cause jaw pain if they become affected or infected. For treatment of jaw pain caused by wisdom teeth follow these steps:

Consult a dentist

The initial and most important first step is to talk with the dentist. They will examine the health of the wisdom teeth using physical examination and X-rays to find out the reason for the discomfort.

Pain Management

You can take many painkillers like ibuprofen which helps you to get relief from the chronic pain temporarily.

Warm Compresses

Applying a warm compress may provide temporary relief by soothing jaw muscles and decreasing swelling and pain. Eating soft foods instead of hard crunchy, sour or spicy ones may reduce discomfort caused by wisdom teeth that have become impacted.

Oral Rinses

A few minutes of warm saltwater a couple of times per day will help to keep the area clean and decrease the risk of getting sick.


If you have an infection Your dentist could prescribe antibiotics to eliminate the infection prior to deciding on other treatment.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Make sure that you floss and brush regularly, taking special care not to overly scrub around areas where irritation exists in order to minimize further irritation.

Avoid Smoking as well as Alcohol

Smoking as well as alcohol consumption can delay healing and increase the chance of developing complications. Think about Extraction In a lot of cases especially when wisdom teeth have been impacted or are creating severe pain or recurring infections, extraction could be the best option. It’s a popular procedure that is relatively simple and will provide long-term relief. Be sure to follow post-extraction care If you are having the extraction of wisdom teeth, you must follow the instructions of your dentist post-operatively meticulously to ensure a seamless recovery.

What are the other common causes of jaw pain due to wisdom teeth?

Be aware that pain in the wisdom teeth can be different in its severity and trigger. It’s crucial to talk with dentists to get a precise diagnosis and a customized treatment strategy. In the absence of a diagnosis, persistent pain or infection could lead to more serious problems, so you should seek out professional assistance immediately.

Wisdom teeth are also referred to as third molars cause jaw pain for many common causes:


The most frequently cited causes for jaw pain and wisdom teeth are impaction. If there isn’t enough space within the jaw for the teeth to fully develop and grow, they could be trapped below their gum line. This could cause swelling, pressure, and discomfort.


Damaged wisdom teeth can form pockets in which bacteria can build up and cause the development of an infection. Pericoronitis, also known as an infection and can trigger discomfort in the jaw, swelling and can even cause a foul smell or taste inside the mouth.


Wisdom teeth might not line up properly with other teeth within the mouth. Their positioning may cause pressure on adjacent teeth, which can cause discomfort and jaw pain.

Cysts and Tumors

In a few cases the formation of tumors or cysts around wisdom teeth that have been impacted may cause jaw discomfort. The growths may cause damage to the tissues around them and require surgical removal.


Wisdom tooth discomfort can be caused by bruxism or teeth grinding. Grinding puts more pressure on these teeth, which can cause discomfort and jaw discomfort.

Swelling and Inflammation

The appearance of wisdom teeth may cause local swelling and inflammation within the jaw area, causing discomfort and pain.


Age Wisdom teeth usually appear at the end of adolescence or in early adulthood. This age range is often associated with the time when people are more prone to developing dental issues, resulting in jaw discomfort. It is essential to see an experienced dentist if you suffer from chronic jaw pain due with wisdom teeth. They will be able to determine the exact reason for your discomfort and suggest the appropriate treatment that could include monitoring and pain management as well as antibiotics, or even extraction depending upon the seriousness of the problem.




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